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F*ck all this anxiety, you're here to help people.

My hunch is that you're a purpose driven entrepreneur, mentor, visionary with a message for the world, or feel called to be, but it's hard to focus because you're getting slammed by the early sobriety emotional rollercoaster and intense anxiety.

You're here to make a difference.

You fee uncomfortable in your skin and your soul because you're not being authentic. People look up to you but you don't feel up to it, you feel like a fraud. Ug, then there's the caring too much about what others think of you...

Maybe it doesn't have to be so hard.

You're on a mission and desperately wanting the intense feels, loneliness and that annoying imposter syndrome to get out of your way so you can feel at ease and confidently show up in your purpose work.

You sense there's a way through.

You know there must be a path to feeling calm and aligned internally. And you're committed to doing what it takes to get free. To become liberated from anxiety and all the intense feels, we must go inside...

It's like a jungle in there, I'll be your guide!

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In "The Secret to Feeling Comfortable, Confident and Courageous in Sober Skin," I give you simple tools to help you go from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to feeling comfy in your skin and genuinely confident in your business and life.

These same tools helped me go from relentless early sobriety anxiety attacks with phobias of public speaking, flying on airplanes and freeway driving (I was even afraid to leave the house!)... to sharing all my secrets in a TEDx talk, driving 13,000 miles across the US and traveling the world as a digital nomad since 2014.

These principles have also helped my students and clients get amazing results (like healing anxiety and growing their soul fueled businesses) since I started my business in 2012.


Hello divine soul, I'm Kirsten.

Maybe you're like me and you've been pretty aroused since the womb. No, no, not like that.

I'm talking about the uncomfy AF unwanted arousal that rears its ugly head way too often, especially the first year (or five!) of sobriety —sometimes subtle, other times it's crying on the floor, anxiety through the roof, emotionally overwhelmed wild beast of arousal. Yea, THAT f*cker.

Perhaps you're an empath.

You're super sensitive, neurodivergent or endured big T traumas. And the old way of numbing out your unwanted arousal, the booze, cigarettes, benzos, food, shopping, sex, people, did calm your inner world for awhile, but...

Your addiction became oppressive.

It also numbed your vibrancy, kinda like your spirit was being snuffed out. Plus it wasn't sustainable, the temporary relief left you craving more, so it dominated you. And now that you're sober, you don't want to be a slave to anything.

You want to be free.

It's my joy and passion to guide you to freedom.

With this unwanted arousal,

you've got 3 options...

Continually numb out your arousal (and spirit)

Do nothing/avoid it and remain uncomfy AF

Transmute your unwanted arousal and live free

Since getting sober in 2009 and facing my own wild beast of arousal, I've developed a treasure chest filled with brain changing and arousal transmuting techniques that will LIBERATE you.

I'm here to guide you through the perhaps uncharted territory of your inner world to transmute your unwanted arousal so you can (finally) feel comfy in your skin and get on with doing the work your soul came here to do.

Because you want to get free and give back.

This is the only simple and sustainable (and fun!) way to get free.

 Wait what... Wild beast of arousal?


I want you to know that it's not your fault and for sure nothing is broken or wrong with you. If you've been suffering from anxiety, stress and emotional overwhelm, it's kinda like you have a wild beast of arousal lurking inside. That intensely aroused (and super uncomfy feeling) state that keeps jumping out of nowhere and pouncing on your serenity. Maybe it's weekly, daily, or seemingly constant.


This is why you feel uncomfy in your skin.


This unwanted arousal is the one that's been stealing your sanity, sleep, peace and wrecking your ability to be present in your relationships while costing you endless time. He's been wreaking havoc on your self esteem, confidence and focus which sabotages your ability to show up in your business which also means that this bloody joykill is a cash bandit, robbing you of lots of unerarned income...


This mofo has got to go.


This beast of unwanted arousal makes you feel stuck, frustrated, incompetent and confused. You've started doubting yourself, wondering if you really have what it takes. You fear that you're not truly living, that you're wasting your life. Sometimes it even makes you feel sick, like you might puke.


You want your second shot at life to matter.


It feels especially f*cked because you really want to make the most out of life now that you're sober, life truly feels like a gift and you want to really go for it. And you're here to help people, you feel it in your bones, you want to give back. Despite the fear, you know your dreams matter, that your vision and the work you feel called to bring into the world matters.

  With this wild beast of arousal, it's slay or be slain.

You can no longer anesthetize this bad boy with oppressive addictions. Besides you want to be free! And you are too sober to live with all of this uncomfy AF unwanted arousal. So divine soul, it's courage time, time to transform your wild beast of arousal once and for all. The good news is that you have the power to do this. I'll teach you how and guide you through the steps to your liberation.


Facing your unwanted arousal is heroic..

Choose your own adventure.


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