In 2009 I made a DECISION that changed everything.




It's wild to think how ONE decision can radically change the trajectory of our life.



I was fresh out of rehab and anxious AF. 

Right before going to rehab, I'd caught my reflection in my hallway mirror. I looked in my eyes but it was like I was looking into an empty shell--it looked as if the flame of my spirit was about to flicker out.

I was terrified.

Because I knew I was dying.

So, newly sober with a SECOND SHOT at LIFE...

And despite being terrified of almost everything..

I decided...


I could see that when we AVOID doing the things that scare us our spirit slowly dies.   


I wanted to come back to life, to thrive.


So I started to crawl out of the hole I'd let my life fall into. 


I started doing the things that TERRIFIED me...


Like leaving the house, driving on freeways, flying on airplanes, speaking in public...


Then I kinda fell in love with it all in the process.


I drove 13,000 miles across America, launched a business that includes public speaking and moved to an island.




Fear was no longer allowed to be the reason I didn't do something aligned with my heart and spirit.



At first I just wanted the panic attacks to stop.


Then it became bigger than me.


My purpose, my calling is to help people breakthrough FEAR, to help people COME ALIVE.



So I gave a TEDx Talk sharing all of my deepest shame-filled secrets.

Connecting the dots for others, hoping that it'd help them get FREE.

SOBRIETY is the best thing that happened to me. 


The 12 steps brought me back to life, but they weren't enough for me to THRIVE. 


 In order to be HAPPY, JOYOUS and FREE,



1.  Rewire my brain

2.  Learn radical self love

2.  Get cool with my feels (emotional sobriety..)


I know a lot of us struggle with compulsive behaviors, intense anxiety and feelings of shame and inadequacy. 


So I wrote a book with what I found to be a way out, a path to freedom!


Introducing, The Heartgasm Revolution, for people who want to COME ALIVE.


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